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Ready to make it to Ukraine? We are right here to help you sort out the hesitations and questions you might have about the tour. We’ve thought about the details, too. Here go the services we offer to make your trip really comfortable and well-thought-off. Feel free to choose one or several of them and suggest any others that seem expedient personally to you. We do suspect a lot of you might have the need of the interpreter’s escort during your stay in Ukraine.

Sure thing, we can provide that. ​ As well as the guide. Or both. In one person, too. A number of other professionals on our staff are right here ready to assist in a range of specific interests or needs you might have or develop during your trip. Just make your wishes and intentions ours and we’ll make it. ​ We will happily give you a hand at any other issues related to your visit to Ukraine, the search of your ancestors, the search of relatives, booking tickets to events and venues, excursions, organising conferences, celebrations, workshops etc.